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Garage Epoxy Floors, Overhead Storage Racks, Complete Makeovers.

We are Garage and Storage Plus, and with our systems & solutions we design, install and perform complete makeovers and improvements in the most underutilized room in your home: the garage.

We serve Austin, Texas.

Our estimates (and our advice), by phone and in person, are always free. Never hesitate to give us a call at one of the numbers above.

Our overhead garage storage racks are the best you’ll find anywhere: MonsterRax. Our epoxy and poly garage floors are commercial-grade, tough as nails, and drop-dead gorgeous. The more you know about garage makeovers, the more you’ll want Garage and Storage Plus.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks – (Ceiling & Hanging)

We offer the finest overhead solution your storage needs: MonsterRax.


Why Go Over Head?

  • You’ll never use the space otherwise–the area up near your ceiling is otherwise wasted.
  • You can keep dangerous items away from little hands.
  • More convenient, and cheaper than monthly storage rentals.

We sell only one brand: MonsterRax overhead storage racks are the most well-made, most durable, and best-looking racks we could find anywhere. Contact us today at one of the numbers above or learn more here.

Our picture gallery is a great way to get ideas and get started on your dream garage.

Epoxy Garage Floors


Our garage floors are the finest you will anywhere.
Whether your garage floor is a simple single color, a full-flake designer color, or a complex multi-color inlaid/logo design, our craftsmen exhibit the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship.
We specialize in multi-colored logo flooring designs. Review our pictures to see garage floors that will simply blow you away.
Our picture gallery is a great way to get ideas and get started on your dream garage.

Garage Cabinets

IMG_1146-260hWe are dealers and experienced installers of a wide range of garage cabinet manufacturers such as Ikea, Vault, Moduline, and Ulti-Mate.
Our garage cabinet designs range from automotive, to workshop, to gardener’s paradise, to modern, elegant garages.
Our picture gallery is a great way to get ideas and get started on your dream garage.[/one_half_last][alert type=”success” show_close=”false”]Want to Learn More About How We Can Improve Your Garage With Overhead Storage Racks, Epoxy Floors, or Storage Cabinets? Call 512-547-8522[/alert]